Uncensored patch + known issue ETC



Here's the patch file.

[Download the file]


copy this file on [User] -> [appdata] -> [local] -> [Anthophobia]

Overwrite the preexisting file.

Appdata folder is hidden. You must check the [show the hidden folder] on your folder option.



Also, I would recommand you to download the recent build of game ( from market.

New version fixed some bugs and the old version( doesn't have zoom function on gold card gallery.

(plus, david and pink hair girl is now in gold card gallery too)


Anthophobiaのバージョンが更新されました。( - >
いくつかのバグと一緒に、ゴールドカードギャラリーに拡大機能が追加されました。また、DavidとPink hair girlもゴールドカードギャラリーで確認できるようになりました。



I found many people who using Intel HD graphics series had crashing at main title of game.

Please update your graphic card driver to newest version!


[Intel graphic driver download page]


Intel HD graphics seriesを使用して、ゲームが強制終了される方のための情報:


[Intel graphic driver download page]

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Anthophobia play guide (攻略) ETC



Anthophobia took 1st place on weekly ranking on English DLsite market. Thank you everyone!

If you are having trouble with playing Anthophobia, try visit this page!

Mr.NERR made a perfect guide for everyone! You can even find actual map of game here.



Click this link to visit this blog!



AnthophobiaがEnglish DLsiteマーケットの週間ランキング1位を達成しました。本当にありがとうございます!



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Anthophobia V1.50 is now available on DLsite (and Kimochi customers!) Notifications

If you purchased Anthophobia through the DLsite, Please visit DLsite Anthophobia page!

Also If you purchased Anthophobia through the Kimochi market, Please check your download page!

You can download Anthophobia V1.50 now!

I'm really sorry for made you wait, and thank you for the waiting!


もしAnthophobia V1.50をDLsiteで購入した場合、





If you lost the download page mail, Please leave secret comment on this post. I'll help you out!



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Sent to CF for review Developer Diary


Banner image.jpg


sample 01.jpg


sample 03.jpg



Hello everyone! Thank you for the waiting.

Today, I want let you know that I sent the game to Curious factory for review the game.

Once they pass the update, Updated version of game will be applied on DLsite Market.


Please wish me luck!






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(05/22/2017) アップデートの進行状況(Update progress) Developer Diary




Those of you who didn't tried the demo for V1.50, try it! :D


[Click this link to play Anthophobia v1.50 Demo on Newground]

You can also play the V1.50 Demo on Newground without download the file!





Additional monster part : 

新しいモンスター製作の進行状況 :


New Monster's basic animation : 100%

New Monster's AI : 100%

New Monster's H animation : 100%

New Monster's Voice : 100%


Progress : 100%

進捗状況 : 100%


New Female zombie Part :

新しい女性のゾンビ制作状況 :


New Female zombie's basic animation : 100%

New Female zombie's AI : 100%

New Female zombie's H animation : 100%

New Female zombie's Voice : 100%

Kitty Female zombie's New H animtion : 100%


Progress : 100%

進捗状況 : 100%


Map Part : 

Map 制作状況 :


New map tile : 100%

New map : 100%


Progress : 100%

進捗状況 : 100%


Boss monster Part :

ボスモンスター 制作状況 :


New Boss monster's animation : 100%

New Boss monster's AI : 100%

New Boss monster's H animation : 99%

New Boss monster's Voice : 100%


Progress : 99.75%

進捗状況 : 99.75%


Card Part:

Card 制作状況 :


New Gold Cards : 100% 

New Citizen ID Cards : 100%


Progress : 100%

進捗状況 : 100%



HCG remake : 100% ( 18 CGs / 18CGs)

Total Progress : 100% 

進捗状況 : 100%



Overall Work progress : 99.95% (balancing the boss battle, Censoring images for Japan market)

総進捗状況 : 99.95% (ボスバトルのバランスをとって、日本市場向け画像を検閲する)

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