Uncensored patch + known issue ETC



Here's the patch file.


[Download the file V2.00]


[Download the file V1.50]



copy this file on [User] -> [appdata] -> [local] -> [Anthophobia]

Overwrite the preexisting file.

Appdata folder is hidden. You must check the [show the hidden folder] on your folder option.








Also, I would recommand you to download the recent build of game ( from market.

New version fixed some bugs and the old version( doesn't have zoom function on gold card gallery.

(plus, david and pink hair girl is now in gold card gallery too)


Anthophobiaのバージョンが更新されました。( - >
いくつかのバグと一緒に、ゴールドカードギャラリーに拡大機能が追加されました。また、DavidとPink hair girlもゴールドカードギャラリーで確認できるようになりました。



I found many people who using Intel HD graphics series had crashing at main title of game.

Please update your graphic card driver to newest version!


[Intel graphic driver download page]


Intel HD graphics seriesを使用して、ゲームが強制終了される方のための情報:


[Intel graphic driver download page]

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