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This is the place where the people who helped the project will be listed.

If you wish to change, or remove your name, please leave the comment in Patreon activity feed(safe)

Thank you always.


※Please be advised that this page is recorded by hand work.
Registering name on this page may take some time because it's all hand work.
As long as I have your record, I can add/remove/change your name on this page for you if you desire.


Technical, Intellectual Support

  • YepName 
  • KingFish 
  • Sharka





Patreon Support

  • 1st.png Mook
  • 2nd.png Paru
  • 3rd.png ????
  • DryRain Interactive
  • Azzo
  • Tykbry
  • Kuroihana
  • Hawko
  • Kurague
  • Bob The Butlerino
  • Rena Rin
  • ooya
  • Foxy Kai-chan
  • Qwert
  • Arcadelord
  • Alex Frex
  • Stjarna Vattenodla
  • Ray Animus
  • leonardo batehoven
  • A. J. Alvarez
  • M Wood
  • Salaby
  • Status Crion
  • Yomitan
  • Stardustsoul 
  •  El Beardo 
  • Tenchi757
  • Tyesya
  • Iroha Tamaki
  • EmberCecilia