some sketches Developer Diary

the concept of the monster design - is funny yet creepy and scary

~~~and, here's some funny moments

Zombie Rape.gif 

Revenge >:3

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(Re upload)alpha build release Developer Diary

control :

Arrow key - move
Z attack
X Jump
C Switch weapon Iron pipe <-> Handgun

Reload : While Stand / Sitting( not look up) -> Z key.

in order to reload, you must empty your clip.

#while using handgun, stand up key become opposite. so you must press Down key in order to stand up.
I'll going to fix it soon or later.

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Concept art Developer Diary

Well, right now i'm focusing on Monsters, so costume will be add later.... I mean, maybe far more later

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Dash Developer Diary

Run, Run, Run

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Reload Developer Diary



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