website down announcement & Milestone goal remove Notifications

on Tuesday 23rd 2015, The entire include this blog


will be down for around 24 - 48 hours due to the maintenance.


Please keep that in mind.


I got many reports from visitors saying can not access to this blog,


so talked with website hosting provider about it.


I hope this maintenance fix this problem.





Female zombie Milestone goal removed from patreon due to the poll result.


Now Female zombie will be added by solid timeline plan.


Which is mean at least one type of female zombie will be added before the release.







and the news from my neighbors :



Datanony updated his project, V0.5 -> V0.6







Kyrieru's short comic XD







Erobotan opened his new blog :3

too bad he didn't post anything there yet.




and this is not a news, but I hope you guys check this out.



Lewd gamer


An interesting webzine for the adult games and adult contents.

This webzine looks pretty new. looking good.


Except I can't log in >:3

# Fixed! but I see there are still more problems in this website.

White font latters on pale gray background(I can't read X_X)


..well, since it's new. It's understandable.


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