Information about Citizen ID card Patreon

Information about Citizen ID card :

Supporter ID card_explain.png

Let me intorduce the Citizen ID card. those of you who supported us more than $15,

your prefered name will become an ID card that can be randomly found from monsters.

It is a collectable item for later use.

You can customize the name, gender, and imaginally home address of the Floria.

NO REAL WORLD ADDRESS! It might cause someone(include me) in trouble!


Supporter ID card_Female.png


Supporter ID card_Male.png



That's it for now, I'll bring up more stuff later! Thank you for reading it.

I hope you have a great day!




+ Poll has ended, here's a image for the winners!








Female zombie[s] X Heroin

Female zombies are harmless to heroin. so skinship is great for both >:3


So who are these girls beside heroine? Let me introduce them.



Female zombie type normal

Passive, regular female zombie that follows the protagonist.

She will take care the male zombies. all you need to do is simply push her to horde.



Female zombie type I.N.G.D.T

Actively wondering around. the problem is male zombies confuses her with other male zombie.

when she gets angry, she will beat the -beep- out of boyz.



Female zombie type G. MILF

Passive, Can move around while taking care of monsters.

Walking H tank. well... literally.




Size Comparison : Yesh, G.Mama is huge. >:3

Ladies ans gentlemen, let me introduce the additional monsters :


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