Let me know your favorite fetish Drawing

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This page is for gathering up the information of the visitor's personal taste :


I can not promise to add them in game, but I will try hard to add them as much as I can.


I'll add most of pose as a decoration purpose like this image below






I might add some of them as a human shape, but most of them will has plant shape than human.


It's for deco, if deco is prettier than protagonist, who would care about protagonist?


and also, the information gathered from this page will be used on actually H animation of the monsters too.


Please leave your comment on this page.


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It'll make the comment in secret so only blog owner can see it.





I can't draw inhuman character such as furry since it conflicts with game theme.

so please choose at least human shaped character 


Dead body I can NOT draw :

1. Furry(against theme) Minimum furry(such as nekomimi hair band) is OK

2. Too much guro that can cause someone disgust

3. UNDERAGE LOOKING characters (It's illegal!)








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