Thank you everybody, I really mean it. Developer Diary

Even tho this is just first goal but...I've never thought I could make it this far.

I must say thank you, just like I always did, but I always thanks to you all.

so I must work hard, to prove your trust is worth.

That's the only way I can repay your trust.

Right now, I'm preparing the Next version of demo

(which is test version of the ID cards added and additional H anime for the grabby plant, and little bit of stage balancing)

and WIP project for the patrons. (Contains Two new type of monsters, early part of the chapter 3)

So I'm sorry I can't make any long sentence(Which is I'm not good at XD) for the celebrate this.

Instead that, I'll leave the poll here :

lh blank rh
Expiration Date: Jun 06, 2015 00:00
Participants: 677
Please choose the theme of the pixel image! (677)
1 Female zombie X Heroine
  bar 300 (44%)
2 New monster concept(from next goal)
  bar 181 (26%)
3 Heroine before infection
  bar 196 (28%)
lb blank rb

[320 * 240] image for the celebration!

Thank you very much!

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