Introducing the gold card reward Patreon

Hello everyone, Today I'm going to introduce the [Gold ID Card] :


Supporter GOLD ID card.png

The gold card, is the ID card for characterized you, or your favorite character.

Due to the copyright, I can't copy N paste the original character if your fav_char is copyrighted character.

I must change the character's name and appearance bit to avoid copyright claim.



Supporter GOLD ID card example.png   

The previous owner of this card was a government agent who tried, struggled to save people.

They are not the protagonist, but they were the hero who tried to save the world.

Sadly, they are not a human anymore. You will find their body while you are traveling this world.


Some of them might just give up on living and committed suicide,

and some of them might struggled to live and helped people until they lost their mind.




Here's the example. No happy ending. I know. (or happy ending to zombies?)


If you desire to make your character having H, Sourjelly will make an H animation for you. fixed Pose.



I can't draw inhuman character such as furry since it conflicts with game theme.

so please choose at least human shaped character 


Dead body I can NOT draw :

1. Furry(against theme) Minimum furry(such as nekomimi hair band) is OK

2. Too much guro that can cause someone disgust

3. UNDERAGE LOOKING characters (It's illegal!)




Dead body I can draw :


1. Any Male char that NOT ZOMBIEFIED(and having happy time with Female zombies?)

2. Want zombiefied ver.? no problem!

3. Any Female char that still in human shape.... or not, if you desire.

4. Dead body with some humor ...I love them!






The government agents, our heroes left their last word to this dying world.

You can find them near the agent's dead body.





example word.gif


Press 'E' to activate the log




Gold card is unique Item. Hidden somewhere.

Might be useful somehow?



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