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Wrapping up.... Developer Diary


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right now I'm wrapping the stuff up so I can release the game soon.


Currently Doing :


1. Censoring

2. Talking with curious factory

3. etc...



I hope I can publish my game before the end of Nov :3









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If you are DLsite user, now is good time to buy good doujin product such as Manga/Voice drama/Games/Resources.



so why not try?




Kyrieru updated his Pixel drawing Tutorial :


1. The Basics

2. Basic character/sprite shapes.



Always great stuff!




I found a awesome artist with great inspiration



dat dick pumping plant.... lol, cool concept

Damn, I should've visit his blog earlier. X3 




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:: Demo Updates [ver. 0982] :: Download Demo



Change Log :

1. Missing contents added

( group H with 3 zombies, spore shooter)

2. Pause key caused title icon disapeared, now fixed



Known bug :

Group H voice causing weird early beeping noise

Group H voice overlaping bug

(will be fixed on next update :3)

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