Sneak peek images for the Version 1.50 Developer Diary






New monsters :






New Female zombie :




New bosses












Work progress : 5% (still need work on basic things)



Q: Do I have to buy this update?

A: No, it's free update for who bought V 1.00. 

    If you bought V 1.00, you will get this updates through Kimochi and DLsite. 

    If you bought V 1.00 from patreon, you will get update link from me.


Q: Will Demo have some of this update?

A: Yes, Demo will have some of this update too.

    One monster and one boss, and new type of female zombie will be added on the demo.


Q: How long will it takes until the release of this update?

A: I can't give you the proper answer since I have to draw every new H anime for new type of female zombie.

    but I'll keep update my blog to let you know the progress. :P



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price plan ETC

DLsite 1800 yen (approximate $15)

Kimochi $13.50

Patreon $10.00


Due to the high percentage of the service fee(Over 40%), 

DLsite version will be slightly cost more than other providers.


Kimochi has much lower service fee, so Kimochi version will be most reasonable way to purchase the game.


The Patreon on the other hand, it has lowest price, but you will have to wait until your pledge successfully process. Which is painful. Plus, unlike other "markets", Patreon is work based on human hand, so even your pledge is processed successfully, you will have to wait until I send them to you.


so here's the comparison :


DLsite(Currently in reviewing, not published yet) : 

Pro  - Well known, fast buy & download

Con - Censored, high cost



Kimochi : 

Pro - Uncensored, Reasonable price, fast buy & download, Update alarm 

Con - Market is still in beta



Patreon :

Pro - Uncensored, Cheapest

Con - 

1. You will have to wait until purchase processed, 

2. You will have to wait until dev send them

3. If you lose your link, you will have to ask to dev and wait until dev response

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Anthophobia is out on Kimochi! Developer Diary






Banner image.jpgsample 01.jpg












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Gameplay Video Play Video

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Wrapping up.... Developer Diary


64x64_icon_jelly hot.png


right now I'm wrapping the stuff up so I can release the game soon.


Currently Doing :


1. Censoring

2. Talking with curious factory

3. etc...



I hope I can publish my game before the end of Nov :3









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