DLsiteで30%割引+10%pointが進行中です。(10/29/2016 ~ 11/07/2016) + 進捗レポート Developer Diary

Anthophobia is 30% off + 10% point on DLsite now!(Oct 29th 2016 - Nov/07/2016)

+ Progress report












and those of you who didn't tried the demo for V1.50, try it! :D






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(10/06/2016) アップデートの進行状況(Update progress) Developer Diary




Hello everyone, I brought the detailed progress information this time. How's it? If you have any question, just let me know!





and those of you who didn't tried the demo for V1.50, try it! :D

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アップデートが遅れて申し訳ありません。理由を言葉する機会をください。 Developer Diary

I'm really sorry for the delay, but please allow me to tell you "why"




理由は簡単です, v1.50アップデートに入る内容が多いためなります

The reason is simple, V1.50 update is really, really big update.



it's about the same size of the V1.00



When the update is ready to release, You will see more than +20 H animation.



here's the image for the comparsion.






and here's the image for the progress..









また, V1.50 には, 全3種の新しいボスが追加されます

Also, you will see the 3 new bosses once the full version is ready to release.


その中の最初のボスは, 最近のデモ版で更新されたHCGと一緒に公開されました. チェックしてください!

I already showed the first new boss on the public demo. Check this link! :D


[ Link ]

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Anthophobia V1.50 Demo is here ! Download Demo

Anthophobia V1.50 Demoを公開します。


(The Full version of V1.50 is still in development.) 




Protagonist / Matchmaker CV : Orange Lover

Kitty female zombie CV : MegaMoeka

Agressive female zombie CV: Phan Masaki


BGM : pierrotlunaire  



Changes :


1. EZPZ very easy mode added : Super strong melee, armor, fire resistance, spore resistance. 

   EZPZ very easyモードが追加されました。


2. Female zombie now can handle the Tank&Normal / Spore shooter* Normal



3. New agressive female zombie added. she reacts to Armored bull / Normal/ Tank / Spore shooter

   新しい、積極的な女性のゾンビが追加されました。彼女はTank/ Armored bull/ Normal/ Spore shooterに反応します。


4. Now monsters will not attack the protagonist grabed by other monster.



5. New monster - Floral mine added 

   新しいモンスターFloral mineが追加されました。


6. New monster - Armored bull added

   新しいモンスターArmored bullが追加されました。


7. Branch map Boss added 



8. ALL HCGs are replaced with remake version drawn by Fenrir.



9. New title design

   Main titleのデザインが変更されました。



Enjoy! Please let me know if you have questions.




How to enter the new area
1. Find the Gold card.
2. Find the key for the storage room

3. Open the storage door that can be found on right next the boss room.






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I'm really sorry for the delay(V1.50 DEMO Release date) Developer Diary

遅れて本当に申し訳ありません。(V1.50 DEMO公開日)




HCG remake progress is almost at the end.
but It'll take at least few more days from now. (estimated date : 29th~31st of July depends on when i get the HCG)






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