Progress Chart 進捗状況チャート(Apr 19th 2018) Developer Diary

Project Progress.png


Total progress is about : 65%

総進捗状況は約 : 65%


Currently working on : 7th stage boss sprites




Uncensoring patch for V1.50 : [Link]


Click this link to visit this blog!

Anthophobia (攻略) 





Those of you who didn't tried the demo for V1.50, try it! :D




[Click this link to play Anthophobia v1.50 Demo on Newground]

You can also play the V1.50 Demo on Newground without download the file!

ゲームをダウンロードしなくても、このサイトでプレイを試みることができます! :D

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Progress Chart 進捗状況チャート Developer Diary

Project Progress.png


Total progress is about : 50%

Originally I was planed to finish it around April, but I don't think I can make it in time. X_X;

The main reason the project delayed is It's because I added new minion monsters instead adding the trap gimmicks.


Originally I was going to add just two traps with no gameover scene, but It didn't satisfied me. 

so I discarded the original idea and made new monsters that work as traps.

....and as you can see, this is the result. T_T


I'm really sorry to everyone who waiting for 2.00 update.

I'll do my best to make it fast as possible. X_X;;





もともと私は4月ごろ終わる予定でしたが、時間通りにはできないと思います。 X_X;





本来の計画は、二種類のトラップを追加して、Game over CGがない形で追加することが考えでしたが、個人的には満足できませんでした。だから、元の計画を廃棄して、トラップの役割をする新しいモンスターを作成しました。そして、これはその結果です。T_T



私は可能な限り速くするために全力を尽くします。 X_X ;;


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Anthophobiaのアップデートについてのご案内 Developer Diary

Regarding Anthophobia content update



Hello! It's been awhile! I'm really sorry for keeping myself in silent, I've been working on Anthophobia content update : V2.00





Here's the short introduce:



2 New stages 


2? New monsters 

2? 新しいモンスター

2 New boss monsters 



New Female zombie 


...and more H pixel animations(about....+20?)



Following image is game over illustration of new monster on V.2.00, drawn by Sourjelly.

so this is not actual game over illustration. Final version will be drawn by Fenrir.

This one is just for personal satisfaction.

これは実際のゲームオーバーイラストではありません。 最終版はFenrirによって描かれる。



Project progress is about 35~ 40% Done, I'll upload the detail progress later.



Q: Will it be free update?

A: Just like V1.50, If you purchased V1.00 or V1.50 from DLsite/Kimochi/Patreon, You will get it for free. 

Q : それは無料のアップデートですか?

A: もし、以前のバージョン(V1.00/ V1.50)をDLsite/ Kimochi/ Patreonで購入した場合、ゲームを購入したマーケットから無料でダウンロードすることができます。


Q: Will it be uncensored?

A: DLsite version will be censored ...well, I have no choice, but like last time I did, I'll release patch too.






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Uncensored patch + known issue ETC



Here's the patch file.


[Download the file V2.00]


[Download the file V1.50]



copy this file on [User] -> [appdata] -> [local] -> [Anthophobia]

Overwrite the preexisting file.

Appdata folder is hidden. You must check the [show the hidden folder] on your folder option.








Also, I would recommand you to download the recent build of game ( from market.

New version fixed some bugs and the old version( doesn't have zoom function on gold card gallery.

(plus, david and pink hair girl is now in gold card gallery too)


Anthophobiaのバージョンが更新されました。( - >
いくつかのバグと一緒に、ゴールドカードギャラリーに拡大機能が追加されました。また、DavidとPink hair girlもゴールドカードギャラリーで確認できるようになりました。



I found many people who using Intel HD graphics series had crashing at main title of game.

Please update your graphic card driver to newest version!


[Intel graphic driver download page]


Intel HD graphics seriesを使用して、ゲームが強制終了される方のための情報:


[Intel graphic driver download page]

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Anthophobia play guide (攻略) ETC



Anthophobia took 1st place on weekly ranking on English DLsite market. Thank you everyone!

If you are having trouble with playing Anthophobia, try visit this page!

Mr.NERR made a perfect guide for everyone! You can even find actual map of game here.



Click this link to visit this blog!



AnthophobiaがEnglish DLsiteマーケットの週間ランキング1位を達成しました。本当にありがとうございます!



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