:: Demo Updates [ver. 0982] :: Download Demo



Change Log :

1. Missing contents added

( group H with 3 zombies, spore shooter)

2. Pause key caused title icon disapeared, now fixed



Known bug :

Group H voice causing weird early beeping noise

Group H voice overlaping bug

(will be fixed on next update :3)

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:: Demo Updates [ver. 0981] :: Developer Diary



Change Log :


1. Female zombie now can hold 3 normal zombies

2. Female zombie now react to spore shooter

(Programmer said he DID add it. but well, he must be sleep typing while he was working on this version)

(anyway, I'm really sorry about missing contents, I'll fix this as soon as possible!)

3. cloth item causing BGM stop glitch fixed

4. Gamepad now support the analog stick

5. "UP"key is no longer in use for "use" item.

6. Now player can cancel the Reload action.

7. Easy mode became REALLY EASY

8. During Easy mode, Having H with female zombie will recover the protagonist's HP

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:: Demo Updates [ver. 0958] :: Download Demo




Change Log :


1. Strip action added (Hold S Key)

2. Female zombie now can hold 2 monsters(normal zombies)

3. Female zombie now react to bald head zombie

4. More  door Through bugs fixed

5. Radio white noise sound effect added

6. Radio Skip function added

7. Radio skip sound effect added.

8. Female zombie's voice added(still need balancing)


Known bug :

1. obtaining cloth items cause music stops

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The next demo update date will be... Drawing

New banner05.png









This weekend!





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Demo update [ver. 0937] Download Demo

User Guide.gif

Change log :


1. Now Public demo has test version of the female zombie.

2. Gamepad support(Xbox360, PS3)

3. Glowstick added to control the female zombie.

4. More joke monsters for fun

5. Though the door without a key glitch fixed

6. Pause added


News from neighbors::


Let's make it Quick!


Virgin invader is now complete.


Kyrieru started his own Patreon

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