For those who bought anthophobia though the Kimochi market : Notifications

I got the mail list from Kimochi market.


I sent the download page through the email for the further download service and update service for you all.


so if you think you didn't get a mail from me, make sure check your spam box!


and If you still think you didn't get one, you might be the one who have broken address. 


I noticed some of customer's mail address are broken( so far 11 mail address are broken)

Just let me know your mail address, and I'll check on the mail list for you.


Thank you!



Kimochi Marketでゲームを購入した方のための案内:


本人のEmailアカウントInboxとSpam boxを確認してください。


もしKimochi Marketでゲームを購入した場合、私からの手紙を発見することができます。










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DLsite 30%割引イベント告知(03/23/2016 - 04/07/2016) Notifications

DLsite 30% off sale event announcement(03/23/2016 - 04/07/2016)




DLsite announced 10% point return event and 30% off discount event. and that include the Anthophobia as well!









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(03/08/2016) アップデートの進行状況(Update progress) Developer Diary

Image1.gif Image2.gif





Additional monster part : 

新しいモンスター製作の進行状況 :


New Monster's basic animation : 100%

New Monster's AI : 100%

New Monster's H animation : 10%

New Monster's Voice : 100%


Progress : 77.5%

進捗状況 : 77.5%


New Female zombie Part :

新しい女性のゾンビ制作状況 :


New Female zombie's basic animation : 100%

New Female zombie's AI : 100%

New Female zombie's H animation : 15%

New Female zombie's Voice : 0%

Kitty Female zombie's New H animtion : 15%


Progress : 46%

進捗状況 : 46%


Map Part : 

Map 制作状況 :


New map tile : 60%

New map : 50%


Progress : 55%

進捗状況 : 55%


Boss monster Part :

ボスモンスター 制作状況 :


New Boss monster's animation : 20%

New Boss monster's AI : 5%

New Boss monster's H animation : 0%

New Boss monster's Voice : 0%


Progress : 6.25%

進捗状況 : 6.25%


Card Part:

Card 制作状況 :


New Gold Cards : 0%

New Citizen ID Cards : 0%


Progress : 0%

進捗状況 : 0%



HCG remake : 10%


Total Progress : 10%

進捗状況 : 10%




Overall Work progress : 32.5% (Most of basic things are done)

総進捗状況 : 32.5%

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Regarding the Kimochi market shutting down Notifications

I received many mails about kimochi shutting down. 

First of all, I got a mail from market manager too.



Hi all,


I am sorry to announce that the Kimochi service will be disabling all purchasable content on March 1st followed by a full shut down on March 31st. It has been a wonderful experience to help distribute your games to a wider audience, but unfortunately the financial situation does not allow us to keep the service running for much longer. Please feel free to reach out if you have any specific questions.


- Kimochi Team



- What will happen to players' downloaded games?

Players will receive a notice in the client directing them to the location of their games in their file system. After March 31st, these games will have to be accessed directly rather than through the Kimochi client.


- What will happen to players' purchased games?

If a player hasn't yet downloaded the game, they will receive a notice to do so within a month so that they can redeem their purchase. Refunds can be processed if necessary.


- When will the last payment cycle occur?

The last payments will be distributed on April 1st.


Currently I have a plan for the solve the update problem.

I managed contact with market manager few days ago, but he was so busy so I wasn't able to talk long, but at least I got the important answer.

I asked to market manager if he can give me the mail list of the customer who bought Anthophobia, and He said yes.


Well that's good news, but that was all I can ask him since He was busy.

so please give me few more days since the Market manager is not avaliable right now, but I'll get the best solution as possible.


Currently I'm going to ask to market manager if he can send my download page to the customers by the email, so the customers can continue to download the game and update.

but right now Market manager is not avaliable... so please give me more time so I can get the proper answer.


Thank you.





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V1.50更新スニークピーク::リメイク Developer Diary

V1.50 update Sneak peek :: Remake







Artist name : Fenrir




基本のHCGはLegacy HCGという名前でゲームと一緒に同梱される予定です。


Yes, this is actual image of market thumbnail for V1.50.

Every H illustrations will be replaced. and previous H illustrations will stay in the game folder as a legacy illustrations






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