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by Sourjelly:3 posted Mar 30, 2015


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Copyright Policy

When you perform a search using, FindSounds Mobile, FindSounds for Android, or the WebPalette feature of FindSounds Palette, you obtain links to audio files hosted by Web sites throughout the world. The sounds in these audio files may be copyrighted and their use governed by national and international copyright laws. We do not offer advice on the fair use of these files.

In compliance with the United States Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998, we will remove links to copyrighted sounds from, FindSounds Mobile, FindSounds for Android, and FindSounds Palette at the request of the copyright holder. Such requests must be made in writing and identify the specific links to be removed. Write to

Comparisonics Corporation
Attn: Copyright Department
P.O. Box 1960
Grass Valley, CA 95945 USA