Ok, I moved annoying warning signs to top Notifications

New banner_small.png


Maybe this design can be more annoy? well whatever.


I don't care I just didn't want re-upload the notice over and over and over.
anyway, developing so far goes very smooth. 
i'mma upload some sample image of heroin's clothe, right here.


Winter Coat ver. I like it.

well it's not typically call "wintercoat" well more "exposed" design, with taste of "Red riding hood". 

people might like this one better. but hmmm, it's not my type :S


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Expiration Date: Mar 11, 2014 00:00
Participants: 14
What do you think? Which one you like more? (14)
1 I like 1st one.
  bar 9 (64%)
2 I like 2nd one
  bar 5 (35%)
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oh, to make things fair, lemme show you the underwear

Heroin_Idle_wintercoat.png Heroin_Idle_wintercoat 2.png Heroin_Idle_wintercoat 2 -2.png ver.2 Heroin_Idle_wintercoat 3.png

Heroin_Idle_wintershort 2.pngHeroin_Idle_wintershort 2-2.pngver.2 Heroin_Idle_wintershort 3.png




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